Oggetti su Team Fortress 2 di tortalmirtillo

Oggetti totali: 13

Oggetto Tipo
The ShahanshahLevel 5 Kukri
The Persian PersuaderLevel 10 Sword
The DiamondbackLevel 5 Revolver
The Chargin' TargeLevel 10 Shield
The Scottish ResistanceLevel 5 Stickybomb Launcher
The EyelanderLevel 5 Sword
Mann Co. Supply Crate Series #49Level 10 Supply Crate
The OverdoseLevel 5 Syringe Gun Prototype
The Frying PanLevel 5 Frying Pan
Ellis' CapLevel 10 Hat
The Escape PlanLevel 10 Pickaxe
Mann Co. Supply Munition Series #91Level 20 Supply Crate
The Solemn VowLevel 10 Bust of Hippocrates
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